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Magic moments forever .....
just from your animalistic friend
... you will be inspired of the passion and the raving beauty!

Animalportraits Ute Huber

Petphotography & Arts

Do you wish expressive pictures in a fantastic landscape, water-action or only  wonderful pics from your dog, cat or horse?


Or do you want motion-study and head-portraits?


Or quit simply beautiful pictures from your darling?


Are you looking for a photographer, who attent a exhibition or a competition?


You wish a documentation about your breeding?


I make your wish come true!


The unique character from your animal will become manifest in unrivaled pictures. Please look at my portfolio - you will see the contingency ....


To establish paintings, you have to look very closely. Especially for paintings, it is very important to reflect the expression and the special character of the unique animal. I will keep an eye on animals - and this attribute  is also reflected in the special way to take authentic pictures! This will make the difference to many other photographers!


I will be glad, to meet you and your animal friend!

Especially "difficult" models as well as older animals will get

to an unexpected beauty.

Of course - if you want - together with you or your family!


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me!




I hope you enjoy to poke around my website -

and you get some impressions about my passion!




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